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As Easy As A Phone Call

Browse a list of our most common questions people have about iTelebill and the mobile payment process.
01. Who are iTelebill?

iTelebill are the mobile payment specialists for online & micro billing payments, we provide an online payments service that makes it easy and safe to pay for virtual and digital goods with your mobile phone.
No credit card or bank account is required.

02. How do iTelebill mobile payments work?

Just integrate the iTelebill payment option anywhere in your website. A customer follows the onscreen instructions and completes a transaction by replying to a text message. Customers don't have to leave your site or register... it takes just seconds to buy.

03. Why should I add iTelebill as a payment option?

Whatever your digital product iTelebill will allow you to bill markets segments that were previously untapped, and increase your revenues in your traditional credit card markets.

Mobile billing will add to your bottom line, it adds choice, flexibility and anonymity to your billing options.

05. What about the wireless carriers? What do they charge?

Mobile carriers do take a decent-sized fee, which ranges from 25-45% depending on country and carrier. Our revenue opportunity page helps you determine how much you can make from iTelebill, despite these fees. If you have questions about fees in your areas of global interest, please contact us.

06. How do I get started?

Just fill out our Content Owner Signup Form and we'll get back to you with more information in a few days.

07. What technical skills are required to integrate iTelebill payments?

Basic HTML knowledge is all that is required.

08. Do you provide integration support?

Yes. Once you are approved, we assign an account manager to your business who will help you use mobile payments in the best way for your business.

09. What do iTelebill use to integrate with my website?

We have several options ranging from a simple HTML iFrame to advanced API integration. The iFrame embeds into your web page (either inside an experience or inside the cart), meaning the customer never leaves your site to fill out separate registration or check-out forms. You can also link out to a full browser page that we'll host or customise the experience with our Advanced API version.

10. Can I control the look and feel of iTelebill on my website?

Yes. You can control most of the basic look and feel elements of the iFrame via CSS. However, you cannot change the end user flow unless you use the Custom UI available for a deeper integration.

11. Can I change the steps of the payment process?

We have worked hard to make the product flow as easy and simple as possible, while still remaining compliant with each carrier's rules and regulations. To keep carrier and fraud standards high, we need to ensure a consistent, safe iTelebill user experience across all of our payment solutions.

12. Do you provide support for my customers?

Yes. We have a team of multi-language customer support specialists with 5+ years experience helping customers with mobile payments.

Your customers can use the email form for customer support on our
Customer Support page as well as the detail listed in every SMS and/or
on your customers' carrier statement.