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As Easy As A Phone Call

iTelebill simplifies the mobile payment process, no need for credit cards or bank accounts, just you and your phone.

iTelebill is the quick and easy way to pay online, its as easy as a phone call. No need to share personal information, type in numbers, look up security codes. All you need is your phone and you can pay online.

Online Payments

iTelebill gives you the flexibility to pay for goods online,
using your mobile phone, no need for cards or bank accounts.

Our payment solutions do not require registration, so no need for long winded checkout forms, the whole process is based around the end user, it really is as simple as one, two...... actually that's it,
send the onscreen details then reply to your billing message.

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Security & Safety

iTelebill has many of systems and processes in place to detect and prevent fraud. We work closely with leading mobile carrier companies and online content owners to make sure what you buy online is safe.

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Customer Support

If you are having problems using the iTelebill service please visit the Customer Support page to submit a support request to our service representatives. This is the quickest and easiest way to resolve your issue.

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Customer FAQ

Browse a list of our most common questions people have about iTelebill and the mobile payment process.

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